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Biden Administration Question for the Scientific Community: Sharing Benefits With All

President Biden is asking his science advisors to answer five important questions to help guide his administration.  Please share your insights on these important questions:
How can we guarantee that the fruits of science and technology are fully shared across America and among all Americans? 
K. Kannan
Transparency is scientific findings, making sure that industry and other lobbyists do not mess with science.  Open and honest reporting.  Conduct high quality of work that is reliable and reproducible.
Transparency, a much higher regard for individual privacy than currently done, and a focus in education (at all levels) on communication and critical thinking skills.
Clear townhall for every scientific rule and regulation that is updated, as in addition to the federal govt & industry, consumers are EQUAL stakeholders and the govt needs to hear from them BEFORE rules go into effect. Restricting lobbyists big time from.any role in federal government decision is a must. Finally EEO laws should be implemented honestly, providing equity and equal access to marginalized communities.

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