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Safety Assessment Peer Review

Senior level scientists needed for mixed panels of experts (industry, regulatory agency, academic)

Over the past few months, 5 expert panels were convened to peer review toxicology data (histopathology, genomics, systems biology, toxicology) related to assessing the safety of a specific consumer product.  A panel of senior level scientists/decision makers/regulatory managers is being assembled to review the input and recommendations from these expert panels and then make overarching conclusions and recommendations regarding product safety.  

Compensation:  $7,500 (USD) per reviewer

Panel Composition:  Mixed Panel of Industry, Academic, Regulatory Agency Scientists

Desired Expertise:  Senior Level Decision Makers With A Minimum of 10 Years Experience (post degree)
  • University Departments Heads of Public Health/Risk Assessment/Toxicology
  • Former/Retired Regulatory Agency Directors/Program Managers
  • Industry Directors of Science and Regulatory Affairs/Product Safety
Recruitment Period:    Present - April 21

Review Format:  
  • Level 3 (in depth)
  • Double-blind (your participation will be completely anonymous)
  • 3 rounds, modified Delphi (review, debate, revisit)
Work Description:      
  • Review the peer review results of 5 expert panels on histopathology, genomics, systems biology, toxicology data components
  • Online access to underlying raw data
  • Answer ~20 charge questions
Level of Effort:   ~32-40 hours (spread out over the review period at reviewers discretion)

Review Period: Approximately  6/12/17 - 7/31/17

Travel:   None (all interaction conducted online)

Number of reviewers:  18 (2 independent panels of 9 scientists each)

To Apply: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile (please be as complete as possible) and upload your full CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to [email protected].