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EGFR Activation by Oxidative Stress Leading to Mucus Hypersecretion

Peer Review of Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP)

  • Compensation:  $6,000 (USD) per reviewer
  • Desired Expertise:
    • Masters degree or higher
    • Clinical research in decreased lung function
    • Mechanistic research in oxidative stress & EGFR activation
    • Biochemistry research in epithelial apoptosis, SP1 activation, goblet cell hyperplasia, mucin production
    • Recent publication history
  • Recruitment Period:    
    • Present - 6/8/18
  • Review Format:          
    • Level 3 (in depth)
    • Blinded during the peer review (names withheld); Open post-review (names revealed)
    • 3 rounds (review & answer charge questions; comment/debate; revisit charge questions)
  • Work Description:      
  • Level of Effort:            
    • ~32 hours (spread out over the review period at reviewers discretion)
  • Review Period:            
    • Approximately 6/15/18 - 7/27/18
  • Travel:                          
    • None (all interaction conducted online)
  • Number of reviewers:  
    • 5
To Apply: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile (please be as complete as possible) and upload your full CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to [email protected].