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Science Advisory Panels: State of the Science

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Welcome to the Landing Page for the Science Advisory Panels: State of the Science Survey.  The terms of this survey (SciPi – collection of Scientific oPinions) are below.  We hope you will take part.  Your input will help to make sure that science advisory panels operate as best as possible and are trusted institutions for the scientific and regulatory communities. 

  • Recruitment Period:    
    • Present - 3/15/18
  • Review Format:          
    • Level 1 (single round of input, no debate necessary)
    • Blinding: reviewers and sponsor will remain anonymous throughout the review
  • Work Description:      
    • Answer 45 questions
  • Level of Effort:            
    • <30 minutes
  • Review Period:            
    • Approximately present - 4/1/2019
  • Travel:                          
    • None (all interaction conducted online)


You have been selected based on your experience in toxicology, risk assessment and or experience with science peer review panels.  We do need you to create a SciPinion account and load your full name and email address (if you don't already have an account on SciPinion).  To do this, please click the “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile.  Feel free to load a copy of your CV if you would like to be considered for future paid review opportunities.  Please send any questions to info@scipinion.com.