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Repro/Developmental Effects and EU Classification Recruiting Closed

A client is in need of experts in reproductive and developmental toxicology to review some toxicology findings for a compound and give opinions on the weight of evidence for the effects being actual report/developmental effects and potential implication for labeling in the European Union.  The parameters of this assignment are below:
  • Compensation:  $3,000 (USD) per reviewer
  • Panel Composition
    • Reproductive and developmental toxicity experts;
    • Experts in developmental or juvenile safety studies (with a focus on hematology and or clinical chemistry); and
    • Experts in EU regulatory toxicology assessments/ ECHA reproductive toxicity and endocrine classification and labeling.
  • Number of reviewers:   9
  • Recruitment Period:   Present - 5/8/19
  • Review Format:          
    • Level 2
    • Blinding: reviewers and sponsor will remain anonymous during and post-review.
    • Multiple rounds (modified Delphi format): 1) review & answer charge questions; 2) answer any follow-up questions submitted by the client, 3) review answers from all panelists and revisit answers.
    • Work Description:      
      • Review of summary material that encompasses ~20 pages of text and tables (with any and all studies available upon request)
      • Answer ~10-20 charge questions

  • Level of Effort:            
    • ~16 hours 
  • Review Period:            
    • Approximately 5/10/19 - 5/24/19
  • Travel:                          
    • None (all interaction conducted online)
To Apply: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile (please be as complete as possible) and upload your current CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to info@scipinion.com.