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Standing Panel - Petroleum Facilities

Experts in the toxicology, epidemiology, exposure and risk assessment associated with residents living near petroleum facilities

SciPinion is recruiting experts to serve on a Standing Panel to help industry and regulators understand the science associated with the potential health impacts to residents living near petroleum facilities.  Experts will be asked to serve a variety of roles, including:

1) Help identify data, studies and regulations that can inform discussions about the public health impacts associated with petroleum facilities
2) Help formulate position statements on these issues
3) Take part in public outreach activities related to these activities.

These assignments are voluntary.  Experts will be compensated for each activity they participate in based upon level of effort.  The pay for each assignment will be posted when the request for engagement is made.  Experts can choose at that time whether to take part in the individual assignment.  Serving on the Standing Panel does not require you to take part in any given assignment.

If you have expertise in the toxicology, epidemiology, public health and exposure or risk assessment of petroleum products and particular knowledge of how petroleum facilities might impact the health of local residents, please apply.  This is an important issue and regulators, industry and the public need to hear from the world's experts on this topic.

To Apply to this standing panel: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile
 (please be as complete as possible) and upload your current CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to [email protected].