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Achieving Carbon Neutrality Recruiting Closed

Peer review of report outlining options for achieving carbon neutrality

SciPinion is seeking experts in decarbonization and the economic and infrastructure feasibility of converting to a carbon-free energy society to serve as members of an expert panel.  This expert panel work will review a draft report on the potential scenarios for how one US state can achieve carbon neutrality.  

  • Compensation:  $800 USD per paid reviewer
  • Panel Composition
    • Experts in approaches to achieving decarbonization of society
    • Economists
    • Energy policy experts
  • Number of reviewers: 10
  • Recruitment Period:   Present - 1/31/2021
  • Review Format:          
    • Single round
    • Work Description:      
      • Review of report (100 pages - including appendeces) 
      • Answer <5 charge questions (high level general opinion type questions)
  • Level of Effort:            
  •  ~ 4-6 hours (completed at your discretion during the review period)
  • Review Period:            
    • 2/1/21 - 2/15/21
  • Travel:                          
    • None (all interaction conducted online)
  • Follow up work: There is a potential for follow-up work for additional compensation (to be scoped separately)