Recruiting Closed

Peer Review of Exposure Models - Determining Best Practices

SciPinion is developing a program to peer review exposure models used to support chemical risk assessments. Our objective for this project is to determine best approaches or practices for developing a robust peer review process for new, and where necessary, existing exposure models used in various risk assessment decision contexts. We seek to develop a peer review process that can guide improving new exposure models so that the predictions from these new models meet acceptable confidence levels for regulatory decision-making.

  • Compensation: $2500 USD per reviewer
  • Expertise Needs
    • Modeling chemical (from environmental, occupational and/or consumer products) and pesticide exposures (general population and/or workplace)
  • Number of reviewers: 10
  • Recruitment Period: Present - 4/20/21
  • Review Format: Two rounds
  • Work Description: Each reviewer will:
    • Critically review a strawman ‘best practices’ (~100 pages with appendix)
    • Answer ~30 charge questions with potential for follow-up questions
  • Potential Follow-up Work: Experts may be invited to be co-authors of a manuscript detailing findings of SciPi (voluntary)
  • Level of Effort: ~12-14 hours (completed at your discretion during the review period)
  • Review Period: ~4/26/21 – 5/24/21
  • Blinding: Experts will remain anonymous during the review, identities disclosed in the report/manuscript upon completion
  • Travel: None (all interaction conducted online)