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Review of Results for Three Multigenerational Reproductive Toxicity Studies and Their Application to Quantitative Risk Assessment

Data Quality Scoring and Application to Risk Assessment

SciPinion is seeking experts to help with interpretation and application of results from several multigenerational reproductive toxicity studies to human health risk assessment.  Details for this opportunity are provided below.
  • Compensation:  $4,500 USD per reviewer
  • Expertise Needs
    • Reproductive toxicity study design and results interpretation
    • Application of reproductive toxicity study results to quantitative human health risk assessment (i.e., reference dose derivation)
  • Number of reviewers: 3
  • Recruitment Period:   Present - 12/15/21
  • Review Format:  Three rounds
  • Work Description: Each reviewer will:      
    • Critically review background material (~20 pages)
    • Consult underlying study reports and supplemental material as needed
    • Answer ~15-20 charge questions for assessing study quality, results interpretation, application
    • Participate in anonymous online comment & debate
  • Blinding: Double blinded during the review. Sponsor is blinded to reviewers; reviewers are blinded to the Sponsor and to each other.  Reviewer identities will be revealed in the report prepared post-review.
  • Level of Effort: ~24-28 hours (completed at your discretion during the review period)
  • Review Period: ~12/15/21 - 1/19/22
  • Travel: None (all interaction conducted online)
  • Input from this review may be included in a manuscript for publication
To Apply: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile (please be as complete as possible) and upload your current CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to [email protected].