Recruiting Closed

Ecotox Endocrine Mechanism of Action and Registerability

SciPinion is recruiting experts in ecotoxicology, endocrine effects observed in fish and amphibians, and input on the registerability of a compound with observed effects and given the class of pesticide that it belongs.  Details for this opportunity are provided below.

  • Compensation:  $3,500 - 6,000 USD per reviewer (scope of review package is still in development)
  • Expertise Needs
    • Endocrine effects in fish and amphibians
    • Mode of action determination
    • Registration of pesticides with emphasis on the assessment of endocrine disrupting properties
    • Familiarity with EU/OECD/OSCPP Ecotox test methods
  • Number of reviewers: 5
  • Recruitment Period:   Present - 12/22/24
  • Review Format:  Modified Delphi, Three rounds
  • Work Description: Each reviewer will:      
    • Critically review background material (~20-50 pages)
    • Consult underlying study reports and supplemental material as needed
    • Answer ~15-20 charge questions for assessing study quality, results interpretation, application in regulatory context
    • Participate in anonymous online comment & debate session(s)
  • Blinding: Double blinded during the review. Sponsor is blinded to reviewers; reviewers are blinded to the Sponsor and to each other.  Reviewer identities will be revealed in the report prepared post-review.
  • Level of Effort: ~20-48 hours (completed at your discretion during the review period) - Level of effort will be dictated by the extent of review package (in development)
  • Review Period: ~1/15/22 - 2/15/22
  • Travel: None (all interaction conducted online)
  • Input from this review may be submitted to a regulatory agency