Recruiting Closed

Peer review of dose-response modeling study relating human biomarkers of exposure to adverse health outcomes

Paid peer review panel opportunity

SciPinion is recruiting experts in epidemiology and dose-response assessment to serve on an expert peer review panel to critically review a publication on the dose-response relationship between human biomarkers (blood concentration data) and adverse health outcomes. This opportunity will require expertise in:

  • Understanding dose-response methods applied to human health risk assessment
  • Biostatics and knowledge of appropriate statistical tests for assessing relations between human biomarkers and adverse health outcomes.

The specifics of this project are:

  • Blinding
    • Double blinded during peer review panel recruitment, selection and engagement
    • Experts identity will be disclosed in a report of the findings and possibly in a manuscript
  • Review Format: Modified Delphi, 3 rounds
  • Work assignment:
    • Critically review one publication, with optional access to supporting papers
    • Identify primary strengths and weaknesses
    • Participate in anonymous comment & debate
    • Answer any clarifying questions from risk assessment panel members
  • Time requirement
    • We anticipate experts will require ~12-16 hours
  • Compensation
    • $2,500
  • Schedule
    • Expected start date: December 27, 2021
    • All work must be completed by January 17, 2021
  • Number of panelists: 3 reviewers