Recruiting Closed

Expert Panels to Evaluate Weight of Evidence for Chemical-Induced Immunotoxicity

Paid peer review panel opportunity

SciPinion is recruiting experts for a nested panel design that will consist of the following subpanels:
  • Epidemiology Subpanel (n=3) - Experts in conducting and reviewing epidemiology studies on immunological endpoints
  • Rodent Toxicity Subpanel (n=3) - Experts in conducting and reviewing immunotoxicity studies in laboratory animals
  • Oversight Subpanel (n=5) - Former senior risk assessment/public health scientists familiar with assessing overall weight of evidence and risk assessment decision-making
The specifics of this project are:
  • Blinding
    • Double blinded during peer review panel recruitment, selection and engagement
    • Experts identity will be disclosed in a report of the findings and possibly in a manuscript
  • Review Format: Modified Delphi, multiple rounds
  • Work assignment;
    • Review a white paper (or specific sections), with optional access to supporting papers
    • Assess the weight of evidence to support a conclusion
    • Participate in anonymous comment & debate round´╗┐
    • Answer any clarifying questions as needed
  • Time requirement
    • Panel-specific, based on level of effort (~14-28 hours, spread out over the review period)
  • Compensation
    • Panel-specific, based on level of effort ($2,500-$5,000)
  • Schedule
    • Expected start date: ~February 1, 2022
    • Expected complete date: ~March 15, 2022
  • Travel: None (all work conducted online)´╗┐