Recruiting Closed

Expert Panel on Leaching and Migration of Pesticide

Input on field study design wanted

SciPinion is recruiting experts in air pollution, noise pollution, exposure assessment, and risk assessment to serve on an expert peer review panel to critically review select studies.

The specifics of this project are:

  • Blinding
    • Double blinded during peer review panel recruitment, selection and engagement
    • Experts identity will be disclosed in a report after the review
  • Work assignment
    • Critically review one draft report and associated material
    • Identify primary strengths and weaknesses
    • Participate in anonymous comment/debate (modified Delphi review format)
  • Time requirement
    • We anticipate experts will require 18-22 hours
  • Compensation
    • $3750
  • Schedule
    • Expected start date: ~October 1, 2022
    • Expected completion date: ~November 10, 2022
  • Number of panelists
    • 5 topic experts