Recruiting Closed

NSRL Derivation for Three Structurally Related Chemicals

SciPinion is seeking experts to help assess the cancer weight of evidence and dose-response assessments for a series of 3 structurally related chemicals.  Details for this opportunity are provided below. 
  • Compensation:  $3,500 USD per reviewer
  • Expertise Needs
    • Derivation of toxicity values (cancer slope factors/unit risks; reference doses/concentrations; no-significant-risk-levels)
    • Benchmark dose modeling
    • Uncertainty factor selection
  • Number of panelists: 7
  • Recruitment Period:   Present - 12/21/22
  • Review Format:  3+ rounds
  • Work Description: Each reviewer will:      
    • Critically review background material (summary report)
    • Consult underlying study reports and supplemental material as needed
    • Answer ~15-20 charge questions, results interpretation, application
    • Participate in anonymous online comment & debate
  • Blinding: Single blinded during the review. Reviewers are blinded to the Sponsor and to each other.
  • Level of Effort: ~17-20 hours (completed at your discretion during the review period)
  • Review Period: ~1/18/23-3/1/23
  • Travel: None (all interaction conducted online) 
  • A manuscript for publication describing the methods and results of this engagement is anticipated
 To Apply: Click “Apply” Button below to set up your user profile (please be as complete as possible) and upload your current CV (with complete publication/report list). Please send any questions to [email protected]