Recruiting Closed

Peer review of indoor air quality studies

Peer review of important papers that are informing ongoing debates about indoor air quality.

SciPinion is in need of experts in 1) health effects from indoor air pollution, and 2) indoor air quality/emissions/exposure assessment to peer review two papers that are informing a current debate about indoor air quality.  There may be an opportunity for follow up work related to public education and outreach.  ´╗┐Experts should indicate which paper (health effects or indoor air quality) they feel more qualified to peer review and please indicate your willingness for follow-up outreach/education efforts and experience doing public education.  The parameters of this engagement are as follows:
  • Expertise needed: Epidemiology/public health of indoor air quality OR indoor air quality/emissions/exposure assessment
  • # experts needed: up to 20 total (~10 for each paper reviewed)
  • Payment: $900 (per paper reviewed)
  • Schedule: Review to be completed by February 17, 2023
  • Blinding: Double blinded during review. Expert identity disclosed in final report of findings.