Recruiting Closed

Fate and transport/toxicology/risk assessment for an organofluorine chemical

Experts needed to provide input on the fate and transport + potential hazards for an organofluorine chemical

SciPinion is recruiting experts in fate and transport, toxicology, and risk assessment to serve on an expert  panel to provide input on issues pertaining to an organofluorine chemical.
The specifics of this project are:
  • Blinding 
    • Double blinded during peer review panel recruitment, selection and engagement
    • Experts identity will be disclosed post-review, in a report of the findings after the review. Individual responses to charge questions will not be linked to individual panelists
  • Work assignment 
    • Critically evaluate a summary document report and consult pertinent literature (~10 publications)
    • Provide professional opinion/answer ~15-20 charge questions
    • Take part in three rounds of review; 1) review materials and answer charge questions, 2) online debate, 3) revisit answers to Round 1 and answer any follow-up/clarifying questions
  • Time requirement 
    • We anticipate experts will require ~20-26 hours to review
  • Compensation 
    • $5000 USD per panelist
  • Schedule 
    • Expected start date: ~Aug 1, 2023
    • Expected completion time/date: ~Sept 1 , 2023
  • Number of panelists 
    • 15
  • Travel 
    • None (all work done online)
  • Follow-up work 
    • Results from this panel engagement may result in a publication (all panelists would be provided opportunity to review)