Recruiting Closed

Classification of Potential Endocrine Disruption

SciPinion is recruiting experts in repro/developmental toxicology to review results from toxicology tests in rats and provide opinions on the likelihood using EU classification criteria would result in a classification as an endocrine disruptor.  
The specifics of this project are:
  • Blinding 
    • Double blinded during peer review panel recruitment, selection and engagement
    • Experts identity will be disclosed post-review, in a report of the findings after the review. Individual responses to charge questions will not be linked to individual panelists
  • Work assignment 
    • Critically evaluate a summary document report  (10 pages of tables and text excerpts from several tox study reports )
    • Provide professional opinion/answer ~5 -10 charge questions
    • Take part in three rounds of review; 1) review materials and answer charge questions, 2) online debate, 3) revisit answers to Round 1 and answer any follow-up/clarifying questions
  • Time requirement 
    • We anticipate experts will require ~10-14 hours to review
  • Compensation 
    • $2500 USD per panelist
  • Schedule 
    • Expected start date: ~Sept 1, 2023
    • Expected completion time/date: ~Oct 10 , 2023
  • Number of panelists 
    • 5
  • Travel 
    • None (all work done online)
  • Follow-up work 
    • none