Recruiting Closed

Epidemiology of Reproductive and Developmental Effects

Experts needed to identify, prioritize, and discuss known important confounding variables

SciPinion is recruiting a panel to help develop best practices for addressing confounding variables for reproductive/developmental effects.  The specifics of this SciPi are:
  • 20-30 experts
  • ~10 hours of effort (online, at your discretion during the participation window)
  • Format: Modified Delphi (3 rounds)
  • Pay: $2,000 USD 
  • Dates: ~1/29 - 3/1/2024
  • Blinding: Double blinding before and during SciPi, experts' identity will be revealed in report. Manuscript is possible, in which case, all participants will be given option to review and decide if authorship or acknowledgement is preferred.