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Rodent Liver Tumor MOA Experts Wanted

Recruiting rodent liver tumor mode of action (MOA) experts

SciPinion is recruiting experts in rodent liver tumor mode of action (MOA) to serve on SciPinion Tumor MOA Review Boards.  SciPinion helps companies and government agencies make assessments on the human relevance of rodent liver tumors.  Independent experts are paid to serve on SciPinion Tumor MOA Review Boards to review data packages for specific compounds submitted by sponsors and provide their expert opinions on the strength of evidence for specific MOAs and the likelihood of human relevance for specific compounds.  If you have expertise in rodent liver tumor modes of action, we welcome you to apply for inclusion on SciPinion's Rodent Liver Tumor MOA Review Board.  You will need to load your CV upon creating an account on SciPinion.  Your credentials will be reviewed and we will contact you once a decision is made.  This review process may take several weeks.  If you have any questions, contact SciPinion at (406)404-6145.