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Biden Administration Question for the Scientific Community: Ensuring Long-Term Health of Science and Technology

President Biden is asking his science advisors to answer five important questions to help guide his administration.  Please share your insights on these important questions:
How can we ensure the long-term health of science and technology in our nation?

  1. Significant Investment in STEM education for k-12 and limiting barriers to entry of higher education for low income individuals.
  2. Subsidize and incent companies driving leading edge technological and scientific advancement.
  3. Incent consumers to purchase and adopt beneficial technology such as renewable energy.
The need to ensure the long-term health of science and technology in our country will require not only investment in STEM education (particularly encouraging involvement of minorities, women, and low income individuals) but also investment in early education (grades 3-12, for example) in teaching critical thinking skills.   This latter is not the same as teaching STEM, but rather aimed at the lack of understanding of how science works and the need for critical thinking by individuals whether they are seeking STEM careers or not.   Support for the long-term health of science and technology also requires support by the general non-STEM population and that means the ability to critically think and evaluate scientific and technological claims and advances.

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