Experience performing PBPK modeling within Magnolia?

PBPK Modeling in Magnolia
Does anyone have experience performing PBPK modeling within Magnolia ( https://www.magnoliasci.com )?  If so, what has been your experience? Have you used the RMagnolia specifically when doing PBPK modeling within that platform?
PBPK Modeling Pharmacokinetics
Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
A substance can be removed from the body through a variety of pathways. Chemicals can be passed through the intestines, urine, and exhaled breath. This chapter begins with an introduction of the physiological processes involved, followed by a discussion of the various physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models that have been created to estimate these forms of excretion and/or chemical concentrations in the aforementioned excreta. In recent years, the usage of physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models has grown dramatically, moving beyond its traditional role in environmental chemical risk assessment to include pharmaceutical development, consumer product safety evaluation, and clinical or medicinal practice. The emergence of cheminformatic techniques, as well as a broad regulatory drive to identify alternatives to animal models, have supported and encouraged the greater use of PBPK modeling, partially through the development and usage of in silico tools. There are numerous PBPK modeling platforms available, and new tools are constantly being created, resulting in a large number of software options. This chapter introduces a variety of PBPK software platforms, with the goal of highlighting tools with various levels of accessibility and capability to support various user requirements, as well as highlighting features that are most likely to be useful for learning the concepts and mechanics of PBPK modeling.
Marc-André Verner
Yes. It is my main modeling software at the moment. As an acslX modeler, this is the easiest modeling tool I've found to replace acslX. 

Conrad Housand has a tutorial on how to translate old .csl files so they run on Magnolia (see BMSS website). It takes some time to get used to the cmd and py scripts (which replace .m files), but the provided examples are very helpful.

I have not used the RMagnolia extension yet.

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