What is it on earth that is not chemistry?

Air is a must to breathe, what better ways are scientifically available to improve living building air intake?
Analytical chemistry
Olayinka O. Ajani
Although, all elements of matter are chemistry-oriented and originated, but drive some of them to final products of values and relevance will require the help of other subject areas in engineering, material science, therapeutic medicines and others. Chemistry of air and its in- and outflow is very crucial to life, but the role of environmental sustainability for effective control of pollution and particulate matter can not be over-emphasized. The most important way to improve quality of air intake is to eliminate individual source of pollution, identify point source of pollution and controlled with from the source, recognize the critical control point and provide control measure right there. The source of emission of unwanted gases could be traced and necessary adjustment could be provided to disallow discharge of unwanted gases which may occurred through industrial processes.  
 Всё материальное на земле состоит из химии.
Igor Linhart
Chemistry is not a thing but rather a tool, a way to understand nature. To understand it at a certain, i.e., the molecular level. Of course, there is no division between natural and chemical products both having a chemical structure. Nevertheless, by no means this implies that "everything is chemistry".
If we restrict ourselves to science we can certainly acknowledge Physics in all its branches (Nuclear Physics, Elementary particle Physics , etc...) not to mention Chemical Physics. At the level of atomic and molecular Physics several phenomena cannot be clearly distinguished as Physical or Chemical. In a remote sense Chemistry could be also considered as part of Physics (in this case Atomic and molecular Physics) Moreover, Physics extends to all known scales of Universe. From subatomic to astronomic.   
Mohammed Hawash
our souls
Mohammed EL
Chemistry is inside Everything on earth and life without chemistry.
Muhammad Tayyab
There is no life without chemistry.

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   I would like to answer this question from an aesthetic point of view: Eternal values, moral principles, the beauty of struggle, the warmth of kindness, the victory of forever hope...all of these are not chemistry. They are natural and not related to chemical elements.

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