Why Covid cases are still increasing and not under the control?

Why Covid cases are still increasing and not under the control?
Public health
Yes still increasing with influeansa
Salvador Gomez-Carro
El sarsCov2 productor del Covid19 circula epidemicamente, hasta terminar de afectar a toda la población susceptible. Produce una inmunidad natural a determinadas cepas virales, las cuales han ido mutando hasta agotarse aparentemente estos procesos genéticos. E ido incorporándose vacunas polivalentes. En general, para prevenir de casos graves de neumonia pero que no evitan la aparición de las enfermedades no graves. Ello depende de la investigación viral, a fin de localizar las partículas virales que correspondan a la producción de una mejor inminidad adquirida por estos biológicos. 
Заболевания covid зависят от солнечной активности, которая за последние годы сильно понизилась. Ультрафиолетовые лучи не только являются антиоксидантом, но и вызывают увеличение в организме активных форм кислорода, которые нейтрализуют вирусы, микробы. Если мало свободных радикалов, активных форм кислорода, то вирусы COVid,  африканской чумы свиней нейтрализовать нечем. После отдыха людей на пляже у них увеличиваются активные формы кислорода, что защищает их от заражения. В зимний период вспышка болезней возрастает, потому что число АФК убывает.
Elizabeth Jacobs
In my opinion, in the United States, it is because:

1. We have ended any attempts at mitigating transmission.
2. Our society is selling the dream of attending mass events with zero mitigation. 
3. The US had <20% of eligible persons avail themselves of the 2022 COVID19 booster. The vaccine does prevent transmission for some length of time, and may also continue to reduce the risk of transmission in conjunction with masking, since masks may reduce viral load enough for the vaccine to do its work. 
4. However, maybe 1-3% of the population is still masking. 
5. Masking requirements were removed in most healthcare settings.
6. Several states have implemented laws against mandatory masking and mandatory vaccines.
7. Misinformation has convinced people that masking and vaccines are deleterious. 
due to poor control rate the people didnt follo  the covid  preventive protocol
Zubia Mumtaz
Low vaccination rates and emerging subtype. We also need to accept that Covid is going to become a part of our lives and we have to learn to live with it as we do with a host of other viruses. Vaccination reduces the severity of the illness. 
Low vaccination rates and mutations in virus
Olayinka O. Ajani
COVID-19 is on the increase due to various reasons which have also made the control of the spread a herculean tasks, Some of these reasons are: (i) the cold weather allow the virus to thrive and multi-breed (ii) emergent of diverse variants uncontrollably (iii) need for human survival economically, by opening business again (iv) mis-informative campaign where some were saying Covid-19 pandemic is a scam (v) people getting tired on taking precautionary measures 
Jonathan Alcantar
It is a complex situation, mainly due to the relaxation of mitigation actions such as handwashing, use of masks in open and closed spaces (flights, theaters, schools, etc.), voluntary isolation of positive cases, and a reduction in tests. Vaccination is vital to prevent mortality to severe disease and reduce virus spreading, however, its coverage is not homogeneous around the world, as is the availability of antiviral agents that may be accessible to the populations in order to reduce outbreaks and break contagion chains. Together these factors may explain increasing COVID-19 cases globally.

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Andres Trostchansky
As novel sub-variants of the virus appear, vaccines must constantly be updating their capacity and not continue vaccinating only with the initial one. As widely the capacity of the vaccines to stimulate immune systems to these variants less increase in the number of positive cases will be. But we do not have to forget that some continents like Africa remain with a % of vaccination very low compared to the USA, Europe, and even Latin America.  

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