How should SciPinion improve their account profile page?

Currently, an account's profile includes a CV, education, employment. It also asks for an H-index but does not specify which source. It also excludes information about research output in general and limits itself seemingly to journal articles, chapters, and patents. It could ask about data sets, scientific software, and other research output forms. It can allow people to list an ORCID, ROR (institutes), Mastodon/Twitter, GitHub/GitLab accounts, etc, allowing people to establish a much richer view on the account.

What missing field would you recommend highest to SciPinion to be added?
Omid Shayesteh
In my opinion, many other fields can be included in the list. For example, nanotechnology, sensors and biosensors, targeted drug delivery, electrochemistry, spectrochemical analysis.
Dean Sittig
The list of expertise is too limited. There is such a big difference between bioinformatics and medical informatics, that I chose medicine as my primary field rather than bioinformatics. I suggest adding more fields to your list.

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