How to quickly check the purity of primary cultures of neurons

Any quick method to test purity of primary cultures of neurons (after 17 days of culture, right before using them for signaling assays)?
Cell biology
Ask the cells who they are. None of FACS, IF, or PCR can really define all the cell types in culture. 
Ebtesam Al-Suhaimi

It could be identified by Immunohistochemistry
Please see this reference 
Sahu MP, Nikkilä O, Lågas S, Kolehmainen S, Castrén E. Culturing primary neurons from rat hippocampus and cortex. Neuronal Signal. 2019 Apr 26;3(2):NS20180207. doi: 10.1042/NS20180207. PMID: 32714598; PMCID: PMC7363313.

Clement G. Yedjou
Examine cell culture of neurons under a microscope or use a flow cytometry to isolate and quantify cell populations based on cell surface markers. 

Rui Pereira
Do Immunoflourescence markers upon culture (glial and non glial cells). To do at different time points corresponding to different "neuronal maturation". Hope this can help.

Mohamed Elbadawy
At first, the right sampling is important. after culture, you can use a positive control cell line and compare your cells with it in morphology, growth and proliferation style, and finally neuronal cell markers expression quantification.
biomarkers for FACS
Dr Zubida
Use a specific neuron markers. 
Evaluating as the average percentage of cells with respect to the total number of cells counted % ± standard deviation and Use cell cultures of neurons as controls

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