How to calculate the dose in a food irradiation centers by Co-60 when the boxes are rotating around the Co-60 source?.

The gamma-ray dose is not uniform in the irradiation room and depends on the position of the boxes at each moment.
What is the best dosimetry method in this condition?
Dose-response modeling
Jesús Rafael Rodriguez Amado
To calculate the dose you need the activity of the Co-60 source in curies (Ci) or becquerels (Bq), which can be selected in the equipment documentation. After that, select the dose rate at the point where the food will be exposed (expressed in Gy/s or (rad/s). take into account that, dose rate can vary depending on the type of food and the purpose of irradiation. You can use the following formula to calculate the dose rate at the point of interest:

Dose Rate (Gy/s or rad/s) = Source Activity (Ci or Bq) × Dose Rate Constant (Gy/Ci·h or rad/Ci·h) / 3600 seconds. The dose rate constant (Gy/Ci·h or rad/Ci·h) is a specific constant for Co-60 and is used to convert the source activity into dose rate per second.

Take into account that, if the boxes containing food are rotating around the source, you need to consider the exposure time for each side of the boxes as they pass by the source. 

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