A serious threat to human population in near future is the energy crises. What could be the plausible solution?

Global energy crisis is putting serious threats to the world's population recently. Mitigation and adoptation strategies are helping to overcome this issue but to a lesser extent. What should be the way forward?

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Dr. Ramon F. Brena
Renewable energy production in the short term. But in the medium term, nuclear fusion will be more important by far.
I know this is not a popular opinion, but time will prove it right.
Using renewable energy sources, being socially responsible, adopting sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, recycling to an extent, etc. may be plausible solutions for energy crises. 
Waste generation and subsequent accumulation is also a concern. Hence measures can be taken to generate energy from waste (waste to wealth). This can mitigate waste, generate energy and contribute to economy.

  1.  В ближайшем будущем энергетического кризиса не будет. В Сибири много угля, нефти, газа, гидроресурсов и др. Сохранять мир, потом получать энергию из водорода.

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