Why is the death rate of male in heart disease always higher than that of women? How can a male achieve that power?

It is clear from the report of WHO that the death rate of Male in heart-disease is higher than that of women. This observation suggests that the woman may have some physical advantage. Besides, differential food, beverage-drinking, and smoking habit, etc. can also contribute to it. For example, the habit of consuming oily foods (saturated fat harms heart) is more in the case of some individuals (taste matter). Although many people are aware of the issue, they can't change the food-habits. Then there will be some way (e.g., Gamma Oryzanol punched into oil, example, RCM oil) to drain the fat from the body at deliberate intake of oil-rich food. In addition, foods that contain unsaturated fats (omega-3 fat rich foods) can promote heart protection.

Hadi parsian
There a lot of factors those influnces this issue. Maybe the simplest one is the protective effects of sex hormones in females. For more information this article is usefule.

Gender differences in cardiovascular disease, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.medntd.2019.100025

Muhammad Imran Sajid
It could be due to a missing X chromosome and is the topic of debate with the complete sequencing of the Y chromosome lately. 
I disagree with the assertion that dietary habits cannot change. Combined with exercise, eating a Mediterranean diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and engaging in regular aerobic exercise can do a lot for cardiovascular health. To improve male cardiovascular outcomes despite male endocrine disadvantages, a cultural shift promoting aerobic exercise and dietary change for men would be a welcome development. Additionally, framing help-seeking behaviors as an integral part of male hygiene rather than as a sign of personal weakness could go a long way. Managing chronic health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia requires at least some degree of clinical support. Seeking out these resources proactively should be normalized and encouraged.
Dr Guruprasad Rai
 women are somewhat protected by estrogen and progesterone until they pass through menopause. these hormones are largely responsible for reproductive duties, they also boost blood vessel health.so they remain protected
Salvador Gomez-Carro
La mujer tiene el efecto protector hormonal hasta los 50 años de edad posteriormente la  tasas de mortalidad tienden a igualarse. En general el hombre se ve sometido al estrés generado por los procesos productivos y a sistemas de salud limitados. 
Most of risky jobs are taken by the men and they have to bear stress from home and outside world
Niaz Muhammad
Men are usually exposed to more economic and social pressures and stress.

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