What is the most important research material in protein bioinformatics? 1. Protein sequence 2. Protein structure 3. Protein-related Software 4. A high-speed computer

A protein's sequence contains its intrinsic properties as a code. Nobel laureate scientist, C. B. Anfinsen proved it through experiments. Unlike sequence, since structures are man-made and obtained under different laboratory conditions, they may contain human error. Further, unlike nucleic acid, to date, the protein-folding code is unknown. So, in my opinion the study of protein sequence is primary. It is better if one can include structure study with it. But little can be said about this code just from the structure.

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If a protein sequence can be inserted into an expression vector and the resulting product purified, the protein of interest can potentially be crystallized and studied. The analysis of XRD crystallographic results is ideally performed using software running on a capable machine, but both of these are neither theoretically necessary, nor sufficient. Analysis and simulation tools on their own are useless without a protein sequence. Note that a priori knowledge of the protein structure implies at least partial knowledge of the sequence as well, since a list of bonds can be inferred from nuclear positions.

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