Which part of a scientific manuscript is the most important? 1. ABSTRACT 2. RESULTS 3. DISCUSSION 4. CONCLUSION

Scientific papers are written based on the results. But whatever the results, they are to be interpreted in the discussion section in the context of worldwide scientific discovery. The most important part of his paper is the discussion, which reveals the Author's scientific personality.
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I think the most important part of the mannuscript is discussion, especially the first paragraph of the section. Because, the author should give the most important results of the study at the first paragraph and should compare the results with other studies. Moreover, the author should emphasize the limitations of the manuscript so we can have much more information about the study with it's positive and negative parts
Either the abstract or the discussion section. Abstract is what draws your reader in and is the most likely part of your paper to be read. The discussion is where you are able to highlight all of your findings & recommendations. 
Vijay Nema
I believe the abstract has to be very attractive as most of the searcher and readers first glance the abstract only and if that appeals, they move forward to read the later part of the manuscript. No doubt, other part also need to have the quality. 

While each section has its importance, if I were to emphasize one, it would be the Results section. This preference is grounded in the notion that providing a comprehensive overview of the results not only imparts information about the outcomes but also enables readers to independently draw their own conclusions. 
The sole potential drawback emerges when the methodology utilized to attain the results is considered inappropriate.
Maria Marta Facchinetti
Altough all parts are important, if I  have to choose the most relevant, I would choose the Results section. This election is based in that the descrption of the results, allows the render to know the resilts but also take his/her own conclusión. Moreover, the reader can also discuss him/herself the results, taking into account other related-published works.
The only problem would be the case in which  the methodology used to obtain the results would not be appropiate. 
Hadi parsian
I think both sessions, abstract and discussion are too important.
Franklin Chu Buh
As the gat  way into the article, the Abstract is very important it contains abit of all the other sections...One can tell from the abstract if he or she can continue reading the Article
All sections of a scientific manuscript are important, but the relative importance of each section can depend on the context and the specific purpose of the manuscript. However, if we were to consider the overall significance of each section:

  1. Abstract: This is usually the first section that readers encounter. It serves as a concise summary of the entire paper, highlighting the research question, methods, key findings, and conclusions. Many researchers and readers initially rely on the abstract to determine if the full article is relevant to their interests. Therefore, the abstract is crucial for quickly communicating the essence of the study.
  2. Results: This section presents the actual findings derived from the research. It contains data, observations, and analyses without interpretations or discussion. The results section is fundamental as it provides empirical evidence and information, serving as the basis for the study's conclusions and implications.
  3. Discussion: The discussion section interprets the results, relates them to existing knowledge, discusses their significance, and explores their implications. It's where the author provides context, compares findings with previous studies, considers limitations, and suggests areas for further research. This section often showcases the depth of understanding and critical thinking of the researchers.
  4. Conclusion: The conclusion section summarizes the key points discussed in the paper. It reiterates the main findings and their significance, often highlighting how the study contributes to the field. It's the final opportunity for the author to reinforce the importance of their work and its potential impact.

Each section serves a specific purpose in a scientific manuscript, and they all work together to communicate the research effectively. The importance of each section can vary depending on the reader's perspective and the nature of the research being presented.
In my opinion, it is the discussion. Within this section, all results are balanced and evaluated within the light of all other research. You receive a quick overview of the most important results and you also get knowledge if these results are relevant for us or if they are just of academical interest.
Carrie Cizauskas
Abstract and discussion. Abstract lures you in; discussion gives all the relevant results, with full context. Then, one can go back to the results section (and methods, as needed) to parse specific aspects of the data. Introductions, however, are the best for helping folks new to a subject - not just for the overview information, but for the links to otter papers that spiral out from there. Of course, a case could be made for the methods being most important when one is trying to develop an experimental plan of understand what kinds of statistical methods to use for different kinds of data. It’s all dependent on context, isn’t it. 
Abstract and Results. These are always the first parts I read to decide whether I keep reading the paper...
In terms of importance, it's challenging to single out one section as the most important, as they are interconnected. Different sections serve distinct purposes, and their importance can vary depending on the context and the reader's goals. e.g researchers might focus more on the methods and results, while practitioners may be particularly interested in the implications discussed in the conclusion.
The most important part are the abstract and the results, as the first are used to capture the attention and the second to reflect the real content of the paper
The most important part is the abstract because it allows access to the most relevant and clear knowledge in a concise way. If the results presented are of interest, the discussion section is interesting to clarify the real impact of the results and their interpretation.
Adel Elbeialy
The first part which draws attention is the title of the manuscript, then the abstract which abbreviates the whole manuscript. All web search engines use the abstract only because it is the key to the whole work, which leads you to either complete reading the manuscript or neglect.
Odubela Tosin
I want to believe the abstract section is the most important part of the manuscript. This is the section that draws the attention of prospective readers to the manuscript. If the abstract does not capture the readers' interest, the work may not generate the desired followership.
Definitely the methods and results sections. The quality of a study is almost entirely dependent on the design and analytic methods, and the results is obviously the output that you are looking for. The intro usually sets the scene / tone and the discussion lets you interpret the findings -- assuming that you know a bit about the subject area already, you can usually interpret the results yourself and the discussion is only there to let you know what the authors think.
Alperen Elek
The evaluation of an abstract manuscript is very valuable in terms of deciding whether readers will read your study among the vast literature. However, the results section of a study reveals the essence of that study, and once the reader has chosen, they will pay close attention to it.

Even if it’s not mentioned in the question, it should not be forgotten that the method section is often the most criticized part by reviewers.

Knowing which part of the manuscript serves which purpose is very important in terms of prioritizing, and it can vary depending on the type of study.
Muhammad Abbas Abid
There is no way to ascertain the most important part of a manuscript. The methods section and the references are not mentioned here, which I read profoundly as they provide valuable information about the credibility and quality of work. Still, if I have to read only one part, I would say Discussion is the most important part. Only reading the discussion would give me a gist of the results, as well as what these results imply in a local and global perspective. And the limitations would tell me how generalizable the findings can be.
Ravindra Thakkar
An abstract holds paramount significance within a scientific manuscript. Readers typically scrutinize the abstract initially to assess its relevance to their needs. Following closely in importance is the results section, while the discussion and conclusion may exhibit bias as they reflect the authors' perspectives.
It depends on the field. In life sciences in general, the results is definitely the most important. The results is what I look for when I'm deciding if the conclusions and discussion of the paper make sense with what I know from the topic. Sometimes, you see the data is supporting the conclusions, but you don't quite trust the conclusions when you see the effects are small or you interpret the data in a different way. I agree with others saying the discussion show the personality of the author, and I personally enjoy reading the discussion much more than any other section, but in terms of importance the results are the main one. I also agree that the abstract is very important, since it will be the first glance on your paper when somebody is doing a literature review.
Obviously, it is the results section. Carefully constructed results and supportive data graphs and summaries constitute the backbone of a scientific paper.
In my opinion the ABSTRACT is one of the most important parts as it is the section that provides a concise and comprehensive summary of the whole manuscript, it allows to convey to the readers the research problem, methodology, key findings and implications, and it is the crucial point for them to make the decision to read the whole manuscript because of the quality and clarity of the abstract.
Buhari Habibu
It depends on the target and interest of the reader, if the interest is to have a quick  glance, the Abstract section is best. If the interest is on the integrity of the research, the Materials and Methods section remains the most valuable. If the interest is to understand the scientific and practical implication of the study, the Discussion section is your best bet.
The reason, why a manuscript is composed of the different parts, is that all parts are important because if a discussion is based on results, which were not correctly generated, analysed and interpreted, the discussion is worthless. The materials and methods section was even not mentioned in the list. The abstract should be a useful summary of all parts and stimulate the interest of the reader - this is also very important.

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