How do you interpret the rising rate of caesarean section in the world? Is it due to patient factors or medical reasons?

It is known that the rate of caesarean deliveries are rising globally. Many factors are contributing to its increase. It is partly by the influence of patients themselves opting for surgery, while others may be driven by medically indicated or un-indicated reasons. 
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I think both factors have contributed to cesarean section. The increased early diagnosis of pregnancy conditions has increased the rate of CS. as well the availability of CS increased personal choice.
Maria Marta Facchinetti
It is due to both the individual election to avoid normal pain, and to medical reasons (i.e. nowadays a higher proportion of women choose to have babies later in their lives and therefore, higher risks for the labour work is more frequent)
Ghalib Alhaneedi
Mostly due to influence of patients to avoid normal labour pain 
It is due to both reasons and for medico-legal issues also in some countries
عرض بينج
لأنه أسهل من الطبيعي قليلاً كما أنه اصبح منتشراً فأصبح الجميع مقبلاً عليه ..البعض نعم يلجأ له لأسباب طبية

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