How long does it take for a glycoprotein to be synthesised de novo, processed in the ER/Golgi apparatus and transported to the cell membrane?

The trafficking time probably depends on the specific protein, but a ballpark average time is what I'm after.
Please include references or examples.
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Kurt E. Johnson
In embryonic cells in Lithobates pipiens (grass frog), it takes about two hours. The rough endoplasmic reticulum and  Golgi apparatus is involved quickly, and by two hours, finished product has been transported to the cell surface and extracellular matrix.

Kurt E. Johnson, PhD
Hadi parsian
It is difficult to say the exact time, because it is completely depend to the nature of protein, its size, the glycosylation power and so on, but generally it may takes several minutes to severl hours.
to several hours
 Generally, this process can take anywhere from minutes to hours
Rolf Teschke
Few minutes to several hours.

It's highly dependent on the specific protein, but as a ballpark it is on the order of a few hours. 
There is nothing specific about glycosylation, as compared to other semi-permanent post-translational protein modifications, in terms of timeline for synthesis, modification and transport. 
 The time it takes for a glycoprotein to be synthesized de novo, processed in the ER/Golgi apparatus, and transported to the cell membrane can range from a few minutes to several hours, depending on various factors related to protein size, complexity, and glycosylation.

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