Answer Explanations 3

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All other things being equal, GLP studies would be preferable. However, individual protocols should be compared, before making a final determination.
Expert 14
Yes, However, on a case by case basis a non GLP study conducted with an adequate protocol should be considered fully reliable.
I cannot answer (please explain)
Expert 1
Generally speaking yes, but there are other elements that play a role also. Non-GLP studies cannot be automatically over-written by GLP studies for the same endpoint, a careful weighing of the detailed protocols are needed.
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Expert 3
04/20/2019 14:52

While I agree with answer 1 above (yes), answer 2 (I cannot answer) provides the appropriate caveat. A detailed weighing of the protocols is almost always needed.

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Expert 5
04/20/2019 17:15


Expert 4
04/22/2019 09:58

I agree with both answers 1 and 2

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